About me

Howdy! my name is Franklin Andrade.

I'm a self-taught Interaction Designer with around 14 years of experience in various areas related to software consultancy, the latest 7 years of my career have been dedicated to User Experience Design.

Most of my recent experience has been in designing and managing design Projects; I've felt at ease defining digital products and services, understanding client's business and user needs, designing the interaction with users, systems and services, defining a project's approach and delivering the results of a design process.

Additionally - I'm really interested and frequently read about design strategy, business development, management, psychology, etc.; I also try to create the right opportunities to practice and share this knowledge in my team.

Today I'm interested in working in Freelance design projects or in Companies / Clients / Teams that understand what Design is and have an internal practice beyond the aesthetics.

Currently living in Madrid, Spain. Born in Venezuela.

General Expertise

Interaction Design, Usability, Information Architecture, Prototyping, UI Design, Design Consultancy, User Experience Strategy, Design Thinking, Game UI Design & Evaluation, Business Model design, Management of complex Design Projects, Design Team Leadership and Design Workshop Leadership.