Caloric Intake Recording App Concept

Generative Exploration Workshop, Challenge Map, Business Model, Journey Map, Wireframes, Visual Design

Most people trying to embark on the quest for serious dieting - for aesthetic or health reasons - find that is quite hard to maintain a detailed record of their eating habits, even more getting detailed info on the breakdown of what they're eating.

Exploring the topic yielded 3 basic reasons why keeping a record is hard:

  1. Counting calories per meal is hard.
  2. Reading nutritional information is hard.
  3. The lack of visible progress can hinder your habits.

The basic features: meal recording + calorie counting, some might consider that the graph and the achievements are not useful, but they are key for helping people keep up with a vision of themselves.


Led a short workshop with 2 friends that kindly offered themselves to help me explore and understand the topic. Came up with a lot of great ideas and an initial Business Model for a solution, then it led to listing and prioritisation of features.

This was the general process I followed:

  1. Kickoff meeting, idea discussion, project conditions.
  2. Workshop: topic exploration & challenge map.
  3. Business model design & journey mapping.
  4. Feature prioritization, User stories generation.
  5. Wireframes sketching.
  6. Visual design proposal.
  7. HTML + CSS coding.

Visual Mockups

iOS Devices

Also a browser version could allow other service uses, decided to make a visual concept for the "Meal History" view:

Desktop / Browser App

My role

My overall work with this concept could be summarised in this four items:

  • Workshop leading.
  • Service journey mapping.
  • Business model design.
  • Interaction and visual design.