F2P Turn-based Mobile Strategy Game
Game Experience Journey Mapping

Analysis, research, workshop leading, graphic design

In order to help the dev-team and the management understand better the game being developed, I designed this journey after a long workshop that included the game designer, the community manager and operations director.


Initial Analysis

Selected the right kind of information to be included in the personas and the experience map, did a little research on my side as part of preparing the workshop.

After the workshop we developed 2 personas based on real life gamers and a basic journey that one of them would follow by playing the game, helped give the "game as a service" idea across the team.


A short profile of each persona, their traits, ways to understand the world and a rating in the Barle's player types was one of the goals.

The narration helped put together all the pieces of the persona, it is a story rather than a fact sheet, it makes the reader understand.

After creating both personas and having a better idea about business goals, player goals, I defined a more complete experience map.

The journey stages are:

  1. Past Experiences.
  2. Awareness raising.
  3. Choosing.
  4. Purchasing.
  5. Play.
  6. Sharing.

For each stage it was specified:

  • Thinking - what's going on the player's head at the moment?
  • Doing - what are the relevant actions or events taking place?
  • Touchpoint - what's the usual contact medium?
  • Experience - What's the player going through?
  • Feeling - what's the predominant mood?